Our Services

We help businesses:

     -  Design a cost-effective 401k or Simple IRA plan
     -  Monitor their
plan's investments

We help individuals:

     -  Assess their financial situation, values, and goals
     -  Develop a financial plan
     -  Monitor investments

We educate our clients, simplify the confusion that often surrounds investing, and treat clients as our friends. We're your resource for:

Financial planning - 401k plans - 401k rollovers - Managed money
TSP rollovers - Roth IRAs - Simple IRAs - TSAs - College funding

Stocks - Bonds - Annuities - Mutual Funds - FDIC-Insured CDs
Insurance - Inheritance plans - Long-term care plans

We help clients nationwide. 
Call us toll-free at 800.218.2602, or 605.341.1555.