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Chelcey Shields Barnes

Chelcey Shields Barnes

Client Account Specialist

Chelcey is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. By being a Faith-Based Organization Leader and Entrepreneur’s daughter, Chelcey grew up very active in Faith-Based Organizations, Administration, helping the underserved, and very active in the community. Chelcey received a Dual Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development & Management and Leadership from Webster University. She received her Bachelor’s Degree Dual Majoring in Agribusiness & Business Administration from The Lincoln University of Missouri.

Chelcey transplanted in to the Black Hills in 2018 when her Spouse David was appointed to lead a local Non-Profit Organization.

In her free time Chelcey enjoys nature, traveling, family, and in between excursions and adventures of being a boy mom of 2 boys (Vaidyn and Dakota), she ultimately enjoys being a serious couch potato with a good book or maybe a nice Netflix series (with substance).

Chelcey joined BMS Financial Advisors as Client Services Specialist / Client Account Specialist. Interested in a challenge of change and to learn new things, while being resourceful and using her background experience in Customer Service, Confidentiality, Internal/External Audits, Compliance, Editing, Public Relations, Business Administration, and Human Resources, she looks forward to assisting you as a concierge in providing you the fiduciary services you need and deserve.

Chelcey enjoys catering to the clients, while always remembering core values and at all times with a spirit of excellence!