We view each client relationship as a partnership.  You choose to partner with our team and we choose to partner with you; together we have a simple goal to pursue your current financial goals and for the long-term. As partners, we share this responsibility for success!

Our commitment is simple and that is to provide you with leading edge financial advice supported by a team, technology, processes and systems that deliver consistently on that promise.   This is our commitment:

Portfolio Reviews:

It is critical that we meet regularly to review your portfolio, assess any changes in your circumstances and keep you abreast of any issues that may affect your financial future.  You can expect to be contacted to set a face to face meeting a minimum of twice per year and more frequently as a situation warrants.  There will be additional phone and/or email contact throughout the year.

Full Range of Services:

We believe that our role is at the center of a broader professional network.  To that end, we either provide or facilitate all services to support our clients.  Among the services that we offer are:

  • Personal Financial Planning Services      
  • Education Planning(529)
  • Estate Plan and Trust Review
  • Mortgage review and/or purchase analysis
  • Family Wealth/Legacy Planning
  • What if Scenarios
  • Tax Bracket Planning
  • Retirement Management Planning
  • Transitional Housing Plan
  • Small Business Owner Planning
  • Beneficiary analysis
  • End of Life Planning
  • Risk Management
    • Long Term Care
    • Life Insurance
    • Property and Casuality Review